Your Ascension, Simply...because your higher self beckons

Hello and thank you for being here. I have great news for this time filled with challenges... I am donating my Shamanic Reiki Seichim services from now until at least the end of 2021! And I'm rolling out a new live introspection class! 

It is my pleasure to serve and donations are never required, but of course always appreciated! Only one donated session per person please. Otherwise, the session is $27 and you get a 10 to 15 minute personalized healing video with any angelic messages included in the description. See below and my website for blogs and pages with more information on ascension and my path. 

As you may know, the Earth and Humankind is moving or rather ascending from fear based 3D to faith based 5D and it's beneficial for us to collectively ascend! 

Donations allow me to focus on helping others to heal themselves even more. This is my passion and it is my honor to be of service. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!

Please Donate Here if you can through Paypal, or a debit or credit card and thank you so much:

Or $Cash App: $darlastol14

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Thank you so much!